Blocktrade is a digital asset marketplace based in Luxembourg. It is part of a wider ecosystem, which covers all stages of asset tokenization.

Most people today do not participate in the financial markets because they lack the access or knowledge necessary to invest confidently. As Digital Assets Exchange, Blocktrade’s vision is to positively impact this prevailing imbalance by offering both helpful educational resources and convenient access to the financial markets, aiming to change the prevailing inequality in people’s ability to make their assets work for them.


Started in 2018 Blocktrade was acquired and rebuilt by the Cryptix Group until 2020 and funded by an international group of investors in 2021. This way Blocktrade set the course for the further international rollout and this is why the company headquarters was moved to Luxembourg. Digital asset trading is an exponentially growing market and Blocktrade is a bridgehead between slow, regulated tokenization services and fast-paced trading communities.

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