With millions of people transacting today, cryptocurrencies have become mainstream. Most are invested in seeing the crypto ecosystem thrive and grow. However, money laundering, fraud

and other illicit activities have found their way into this new world, threatening its legitimacy and security.

To create an open, fair and trusted marketplace, institutions engaging with cryptocurrencies need to be able to assess risk in this new environment.

Chainalysis provides investigation and compliance software to the world’s leading government, cryptocurrency and financial institutions. With Chainalysis Reactor — investigation software that

links the real world to cryptocurrency transactions — governments and institutions can stop bad actors.

For cryptocurrency organizations, Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) offers ongoing transaction monitoring combined with real-time screening. Designed with best-in-class

anti-money laundering (AML) compliance standards, Chainalysis KYT helps organizations operate within compliance, avoiding fines and other regulatory actions.

Chainalysis is the most trusted brand among government agencies, financial institutions and cryptocurrency businesses, with the most complete, real-time database for linking

cryptocurrency transactions to the real world.

Chainalysis builds trust in blockchains.

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