Founded by two brothers in 2017, Coinmerce is a European fiat-to-crypto trading platform which offers 350+ tokens. Our focus is on security and simplicity for its users, resulting in a safe, educational, and enjoyable trading experience. We put our users first, especially non-crypto-natives to stimulate wider adoption. That is why we were the first crypto platform that offered a support hotline and a physical crypto store. Powered by our in-house developed mechanism, Coinmerce is able to offer low fees and lower prices to its users.

Headquartered in the Netherlands where we also hold the cryptocurrency service provider registration with the DNB, we are working in close cooperation with the local regulator to accommodate any new requirements. Expanding to other markets within the EU, we were successful in obtaining the registration with the Spanish National Bank and in the final stages of obtaining the French registration.
While already servicing customers in 11 European countries, we aim to put crypto in every wallet by making it accessible for all in a sustainable manner by supporting the regulatory developments within the EU