Elliptic: preventing, detecting, and pursuing criminal activity in cryptocurrencies

At Elliptic, we believe that cryptocurrencies will transform how humans do business. To make this a reality, we believe that illicit activity in cryptocurrencies must be disrupted and criminals prevented from undermining the ideals on which cryptocurrencies are built. This is our focus, and we do this by solving the crucial problem of identity in cryptocurrencies, with the sole purpose of combating suspicious and criminal activity.

Solving this problem is not just innovative; it is fundamental; it is our contribution to the continued growth and transformative power of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

We make cryptocurrency transaction activity more transparent and accountable.

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges and major financial institutions rely on our anti-money laundering (AML) compliance software to analyze millions of dollars in transactions every month.
  • Law enforcement, intelligence agencies and financial institutions use our forensic investigations capabilities to systematically trace and unmask suspicious activity on the bitcoin blockchain by linking digital identities to real-world profiles.
  • Our solutions combat the growing use of pseudonymous and anonymous cryptocurrencies to facilitate and fund criminal activity, including terrorism, drug trafficking, extortion, proliferation of child sexual abuse material and tax evasion.

We set the standard in detecting and investigating cryptocurrency-enabled crimes. www.elliptic.co

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