Maxxer is a centralised and regulated digital asset exchange. Through community building, Maxxer wants to lower the doorstep for people to successfully invest in the cryptocurrency market as well as make information easily accessible. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile in nature and navigating it is perceived as difficult and daunting by new investors. With the historical lack of regulation in the market, transparency is also a big issue. On top of that, the cryptocurrency market is extremely divided when it comes to which trading platforms to use, which tokens to buy, and where to get your news from.

Now that new regulations are in place, it is possible for us to be compliant by design. This is a big step forward as it protects investors and allows safe and reliable platforms like ours to promote themselves over unregulated platforms. It also allows more traditional investors to invest in the market. Maxxer is also going to offer a best-in-class service to the cryptocurrency market: Social Trading, in a manner that takes away the burden of individual active trading.

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