On the 8th of September 2021, the European Commission published the 2021 Strategic Foresight Report in which it highlights that the EU digital finance sector should be properly regulated in order to create new opportunities for businesses while ensuring consumer protection. Moreover, the Commission pointed out that the EU is committed to achieving to the first-mover global position in standard-setting with specific regard to emerging technologies. This implies, among other, digital currencies. A wider use of the euro in international trade and services, including in energy markets, and EU-wide solutions for instant payments would strengthen the strategic blow of the EU. In addition, it would strengthen the EU’s resilience, including to the extra-territorial application of sanctions by third countries as well as enable the EU to further benefit from international financial markets, while managing external risks and avoiding strategic dependencies. At the same time, weaknesses in the integrity of third country service providers, markets and infrastructures might create risks.

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