The Libra Association has announced the adoption of the new name “Diem”. While announcing the change, the Association highlighted that the focus is on ensuring that the project is designed to meet regulatory expectations, consistent with the Association’s guiding principles of innovation, inclusion, and integrity.

Moreover, together with the name change, the Association announced the appointment of new professionals, including Dahlia Malkhi as the Association’s Chief Technology Officer, Christy Clark as Chief of Staff, Steve Bunnell as Chief Legal Officer, Kiran Raj as Executive Vice President for Growth and Innovation and Deputy General Counsel, James Emmett as Managing Director, Sterling Daines as Chief Compliance Officer, Ian Jenkins as Chief Financial and Risk Officer and Saumya Bhavsar as General Counsel.

Finally, “Diem” announced that it is prioritising technological and operational readiness for launch and that the licensing process is ongoing.

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