The World Economic Forum’s Global Blockchain Council has published the so-called ‘Blockchain Bill of Rights’ – the Presidio Principles. These principles aim at establishing a global baseline for building blockchain applications that respect participant rights, safeguard data and protect users.

There are 16 principles divided into four macro areas:

– Transparency and Accessibility;

– Agency and Interoperability;

– Privacy and Security;

– Accountability and Governance.

As of 22 May 2020, the following organizations/institutions have signed these principles: World Economic Forum; ConsenSys; Deloitte Consulting LLP; Blockchain Research Institute; Everledger; World Food Programme; Electric Coin Company; Protocol Labs; Blockchain Trust Accelerator & Digital Impact and Governance Initiative, New America; Presidency of Colombia; CoinShares; OmiseGO; Accenture; Andreessen Horowitz; AZA.

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